Copper Point Schools – Our Story

Copper Point was founded after witnessing the success of the Expeditionary Learning program in a different school. Sophomore and junior students took an interest in an issue such as hunger and learned to apply their studies in English and History to better understand this problem in our community. Doing so gave students the opportunity to meet with politicians, doctors, and community activists to not only learn about the issue, but to become part of the solution. The result was a learning process that wasn’t only interesting, but also relevant.

The value in this model was demonstrated by pre-tests and post-tests taken by the students. The tests showed an increase of scores from 30% to 50%. This growth held true for all students--high achieving, low achieving, Special Education, English Language Learners, etc. Furthermore, this learning model positively impacted students in all aspects of their lives. Even after completing the program, students who participated are still volunteering at the community food bank and the community farm.

After seeing the obvious success of the Expeditionary Learning model, we envisioned a school founded upon that very curriculum. Through the Expeditionary Learning program, students develop an interest in the things that they’re learning. The curriculum is interesting, boundary-pushing, and relevant. Copper Point Schools was founded with the aim to make learning fun and engaging for all students.