The Values of Copper Point Schools

  • Character: Our character education fosters the development of Discipline, Integrity, Perseverance, Respect and Responsibility. Students will receive not just a letter grade for the class, but a separate and equally powerful character grade. Their ability to understand and demonstrate content is important, but the manner in which they behave is equally essential to the development of the student. Students must demonstrate these five pillars of character consistently in all aspects of their lives. They will begin by fostering character into every class they take.
  • Community: Copper Point Schools students give back to the community. Each student is an integral part of a positive community and their input and hard work will demonstrate a positive change in their own home town. Students will make a positive difference in their community through collaboration with their peers, teachers, and community members and service to the community. In return, reciprocity is created between the community and the school. Students give to a community who will benefit and flourish from the arrangement, further enabling them to assist and expand their involvement in our school.
  • Leadership: Copper Point students are self starters and critical thinkers. Rather than wait for someone to spoon-feed them answers, Copper Point students look at the problem and troubleshoot to find a solution. They use critical thinking skills to find solutions to problems-be they in the community or in their small cooperative groups. Furthermore, our student leaders lead by example, displaying good character at all times to serve as models for younger students and the community as a whole. In addition, Copper Point leaders exhibit impeccable organization and communication. They are open minded and are willing to communicate in a critical, positive manner to accomplish goals. Copper Point students use organization as a tool to facilitate their projects.

In order to build on the Foundational Values, Copper Point High School utilizes Assessment, Curriculum, Instruction and Service as framework to build the ideal student. Professional development provides teachers with the training necessary to successfully implement this framework in every aspect of the student’s education.

  • Assessment: Assessment at Copper Point is more than standardized testing. Classroom assessments at Copper Point are authentic. Students give input in all rubrics used in the classroom and these rubrics are used across subjects so that expectations are high in each class. Having input into how they are graded gives students ownership of their learning. Furthermore, students present their projects and end products in front of community panels for feedback and real-life experience: Once they begin a career, presentations in front of peers will become commonplace. Likewise, promotion occurs in 10th and 12th grades in which students reflect and defend their coursework and character throughout their career. Promotion will take place in front of panel of community members in addition to members of the school’s own community to provide honest and authentic feedback to every student. Students are assessed to demonstrate content mastery and impeccable character, in addition to showing growth in both academics and character education.
  • Curriculum: Copper Point High School implements a project-based curriculum. Students research on a real life issue and complete field work and class work in relation to that specific issue. The curriculum at Copper Point is cross-curricular and thematic. Each grade level focuses on a specific topic in each class period. In addition, the rigor of each class is fully based on the Common Core Standards. Students will interpret text and embrace mathematics in all courses to solidify concepts and introduce students to the fact that in their future, they will be required to use skills in multiple subjects simultaneously with critical thinking skills to achieve a solution to a problem. Furthermore, courses will incorporate service and community partnership at all grade levels.
  • Instruction: Copper Point employs highly-qualified, certified teachers who are specifically trained in problem-based education. In depth professional development from a variety of learning models will provide teachers the tools they need to guide student learning. Rather than a teacher knowing all of the answers, teachers act as learners in the problem and guide students to the resources they need to solve problems. Teachers collaborate with all staff members and within the community to provide opportunities for student success. In addition to content driven by the common core, teachers instruct in character and critical thinking in each classroom. Furthermore, teachers act as advocates for their students and advises them in areas such as post high school education, careers, and scholarships.
  • Service: An integral aspect of Copper Point’s Fundamental Framework is service. Students are required to give twenty hours of community service each academic school year. In addition to service documentation, the community organization who sponsors the service will give the student a character grade which will be used in conjunction with the teacher’s character grade to determine the students overall character grade. Service is essential in our community education. Students who give back to their community create a bond and build connections they otherwise would not have achieved. Service instills discipline and responsibility in students and teaches them values as they witness difficult situations first hand.