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5 Practical Tips on How to Excel in School

It can be hard to excel in your school despite your educational level. You can do things to promote your academic performance in your educational journey. These things to boost your performance are: 

  • Enhancing healthy study habits
  • Keeping time and supplies organized. 

Take care of yourself to be at your best and possess all the energy you need. Here are tips to enable you to excel in school.

Participate actively in school activities

1. You need to take notes while listening or reading

Taking notes will help you to remember what you read or hear. It also helps your brains to absorb information and stay active adequately. When your teacher permits you to take notes while talking in class, write all the key points in the text. You can note the questions that you have about the subject you read. 

Typing notes can be easier and quicker. Writing notes by hand will help you absorb and remember the information better. You should know that doodling while taking notes will improve your focus and aid you in remembering what you hear. 

2. Ask questions in areas you don’t understand

Your teacher must help you to learn and understand every concept. Don’t be shy to ask questions in any hard area for you. Asking questions will help you learn the materials better and show your teacher that you have an interest in learning. 

If fear raising your hand to ask questions in a class, try and approach your teacher after class or send them an email. If you are a college student, your instructor will have some hours in the office where you can go to ask questions and discuss the material with the tutor one on one. 

3. Do all your homework assignments

You can get swamped and lose track of all the homework you need to do. Ensure you complete your reading and stay on top to hand in any work needed in time. If you fail to do all your homework, you will not learn much, and your grades will also reduce. 

4. Keep good attendance

Always be in class without failure. Even for the non-mandatory lessons, showing up means you will learn a lot, and you won’t miss any vital information. If the prevailing situation doesn’t allow you to attend a class, reach out to a classmate or a teacher to get what you missed for you to review it. Some people will be willing to share their notes with you.

At times your class attendance counts on your final grade. Therefore, if you must miss any class, your teacher should know you won’t make it to the class that day. Permitting you will make the teacher arrange to help you get what you missed that day. 

5. Be part of the extracurricular activities

Sign up for sports teams, school clubs, or student committees. Activities in these categories are fun and enriching. They provide a good way to help you know your fellow students and teachers. They are also helpful to appear on your job applications. 

Studies reveal that students who participate in extracurricular activities have better attendance, score higher grades, and continue with education than other students.


Excelling in school isn’t an easy task. You need to play smart and hard to achieve good grades marks to be on the safer side. If you don’t attend your classes well, your final grade gets affected. You will miss many opportunities that will be hard for you to excel. Don’t be afraid to ask questions in class or use the tutor to help you in areas you don’t understand well.

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